Sonar Media Announces The Addition Of Music Industry Luminary  Steve Stewart To Their Elite Advisory Board
Sonar Media Announces The Addition Of Music Industry Luminary  Steve Stewart To Their Elite Advisory Board

(Left to right) Jason Markey & Steve Stewart

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 14, 2023 / — Jason Markey, CEO of Sonar Media Inc., today announced the addition of music industry luminary Steve Stewart to the company’s Advisory Board. Stewart, with his extensive 30-year background in music and new media, joins an already impressive group of advisors, including Gideon King (Off Road Capital), Larry Braun (Sheppard Mullin), Tom McGrath (Crossroads Media), and Andrew Blacker (Clipmedia).

In making the announcement, Markey states: “Steve’s joining Sonar Media’s Advisory Board marks a monumental step in our journey. His profound understanding of the music industry and his knack for entertainment media startups will be crucial in solidifying Sonar’s position as the predominant leader in social music streaming. We’re ecstatic to have Steve’s expertise from his many experiences guide our path forward.”

Reflecting on his new role, Steve Stewart adds: “I’m super-excited to be part of Sonar, as well as Jason and Chris’s vision for redefining the intersection of music and social media. Their totally innovative approach to social music streaming aligns perfectly with my passion for pushing the boundaries in the music industry. Sonar is a true social music app where users can share and discover more than a hundred million songs with their friends – it’s really the future of music consumption and enjoyment.”

Stewart’s career, highlighted by his management of Grammy-winning, multi-Platinum Stone Temple Pilots, has been defined by success and innovation. His leadership at Steve Stewart Management resulted in signing more than 25 recording artists to major label and publishing deals across the music industry, proving his expertise in navigating and impacting the music landscape. Beyond music management, Stewart’s executive roles in various new media and tech ventures like Vezt, SongHub, SURKUS, and heading business development for a Top 25 YouTube channel, have showcased his business prowess and versatility.

By joining Sonar’s Advisory Board, Stewart adds to an already stellar lineup, bringing a new dimension of insight and strategy to the forefront of Sonar’s mission in social music streaming.

About Sonar Media Inc.

Founded and launched in the Apple App Store in 2022 by Jason Markey and Chris Palumbo, Sonar Media Inc. is pioneering a new music, social media, and streaming epoch with its innovative mobile-only platform. Sonar is pushing the boundaries of music discovery and social sharing by harnessing the power of evocative prompt generative AI. It creates a deeply immersive experience for its users while opening up the massive vault to the discovery of over 100 million songs via Apple Music and Spotify’s public APIs. In addition to its recently launched AI platform, Sonar is bringing to market in early 2024 the world’s first streaming mobile app to integrate Apple Music and Spotify DSPs for a global sharing experience like never before. Sonar offers a unique and comprehensive music ecosystem, connecting their users natively and across multiple social platforms while fostering a community where our users can explore, share, and immerse themselves in the world of music with fellow melomaniacs like never before.

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