Unveiling Hidden Tunes: Forbidden Elvis Reveals Music Presley Was Forbidden to Record
Unveiling Hidden Tunes: Forbidden Elvis Reveals Music Presley Was Forbidden to Record

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Explore Never-Heard Elvis Tracks by Norman Blagman on Forbidden Elvis: A Unique Dive into Their Musical Journey

Elvis clicked with my dad and they started hanging out with each other… That’s the amazing thing about these ‘Forbidden’ tunes. We ran into a treasure trove.”

— Woody Blagman

CULVER CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elvis Presley fans, get ready to add a new gem to your collection this holiday season.

Woody Blagman, the son of the esteemed Norman Blagman—a distinguished songwriter, Mad Magazine composer, and a crusader for the rights of songwriters—proudly unveils Forbidden Elvis, the perfect last-minute gift for Elvis Presley fans! This exclusive membership site unlocks a collection of never-released Elvis tracks penned by Norman, which were once shrouded in secrecy by the industry. It’s an invitation to fans to discover a treasure trove of music and stories that celebrate the King’s lesser-known artistic explorations.

A Trove of Unheard Presley-Blagman Collaborations

Woody Blagman’s mission to preserve and share the hidden musical treasures of his father’s career takes fans on an unprecedented journey through the forbidden chapters of Elvis Presley’s musical history. The membership site offers an array of remastered tracks and anecdotes, revealing an intimate portrait of the creative synergy between Elvis and Norman Blagman, which resonated with the rebellious spirit of their era.

The Story Behind Forbidden Elvis

The conception of the website was almost serendipitous when Woody Blagman—professional speaker, author, and one-time jam partner to Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac—stumbled upon acetate recordings in his late father’s attic. These recordings, including never-released songs like “Just My Luck” and “Wild In The Country,” were recorded by demo singers and presented to Elvis, but due to their scandalous nature and some behind-the-scenes relationship drama, Colonel Tom Parker forbade Elvis from officially recording these songs. This discovery has propelled Woody to share these ‘Forbidden’ tunes with the world, illuminating a significant chapter of recording history that was nearly lost to time.

A Legacy Beyond Music

Woody Blagman’s own life narrative is as rich and varied as the site he has created. A successful career in music and real estate was sharply rerouted following a life-changing battle with throat cancer. His journey through recovery and his return to his first love, music, has embedded a narrative of resilience and hope in the Forbidden Elvis story, serving as an inspiration to fans worldwide. Woody acts as a storyteller and narrative guide through this musical journey back in time, regaling members with stories, hosting Q&A sessions, and organizing online and in-person events for fans to celebrate their love of these timeless classics.

The Cultural Impact of Elvis and Norman Blagman

The collaboration between Elvis Presley and Norman Blagman was significant but not widely known. Blagman, a versatile songwriter, composed tunes that echoed the sensibilities of their time, some of which were deemed too bold for release. These songs, now available through Forbidden Elvis, showcase a blend of rock ‘n’ roll’s raw edge and the evolving music scene of the era, offering fans a glimpse into the rebellious side of Elvis that was often overshadowed by mainstream demands. The Forbidden Elvis site celebrates this lesser-known side of Elvis’s legacy, bringing to light Blagman’s influential but underrepresented work in music history.

The Remastering Process

The remastering of these historic tracks was a labor of love, overseen by audio restoration experts who worked meticulously to preserve the integrity of the original recordings while enhancing their clarity for modern listeners. This process involved state-of-the-art technology and a careful ear for the nuances of each song, ensuring that the spirit of the original performances was kept intact.

What Members Can Expect

Forbidden Elvis isn’t just a static collection of songs; it’s a living archive boasting rare recordings and a plethora of exclusive content, including:

– Rare Tracks: Dive into demo recordings that were supposed to be destroyed and have remained unheard for decades.

– Behind-the-Scenes Stories: Understand the context and controversies behind the shelving of these songs.

– Exclusive Content: Engage with photos, anecdotes, and interviews that detail Norman’s creative process.

– Community Engagement: Connect with fellow fans and participate in events that celebrate vintage music.

Norman Blagman’s Enduring Influence

With a career that spanned the vibrant tapestry of the 20th century’s musical evolution, Norman Blagman’s influence on American music history is unmistakable. As a Bronx native, he witnessed firsthand the birth and growth of Rock & Roll, contributing his creative prowess to its development. His legacy includes penning lyrics for the classic “Love Power” from Mel Brooks’ film “The Producers” and shaping the satirical soundtrack of Mad Magazine, including magazine inserts and charted albums like “MAD twists Rock & Roll”.

Blagman’s work extended to a wide array of artists, from the iconic Elvis Presley, who recorded his songs “Give Me the Right” and “Put the Blame on Me,” to the eclectic sounds of Los Lobos and the comedic melodies for Alfred E. Neuman. As a long-standing member of ASCAP, he fiercely advocated for artists’ creative rights, culminating in legal action against the music industry to protect the integrity and financial rights of songwriters.

Extending the Invitation to Fans

As the holiday season unfolds, Forbidden Elvis extends beyond a last-minute gift; it offers a lasting connection to the King’s legacy. The site provides a curated experience for fans of all ages, inviting them to explore the music that helped shape the musical landscape of yesterday and continues to influence today.

Joining the Forbidden Elvis Community

For more information, to explore membership options, or to become part of the Forbidden Elvis community, visit www.forbiddenelvis.com. Follow Forbidden Elvis on social media for regular updates and exclusive sneak peeks of the unreleased tracks.

A Word from Woody Blagman

“My father’s legacy is etched in the annals of music history, yet much of his work with Elvis remained unheard. With Forbidden Elvis, we’re not just resurrecting songs; we’re reviving the spirit of an era that celebrated bold creativity and artistic freedom,” says Woody Blagman.

About the Site:

Forbidden Elvis is more than a collection of songs; it’s a beacon for the music and spirit that defined Elvis Presley’s career. It stands as a tribute to the King’s artistic daring and serves as an invitation for fans to connect with the untold stories behind the music that almost slipped through the cracks.

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