New Book Exposing CIA Abuses of Power Receives Positive Reviews

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It is an expose of government corruption “that proves to be a valuable book in understanding how our intelligence agencies are run and often mismanaged.”

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

— Attributed to George Orwell (unverified)

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, February 9, 2024 / — “The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok,” written by an 18-year CIA veteran and whistleblower, Pedro Israel Orta, has been well-received in the literary world, receiving positive reviews for its gripping storytelling and eye-opening revelations. Reviewers have said:

“A stand-out exposure of the haphazard organization of the Central Intelligence Agency. This proves to be a valuable book in understanding how our intelligence agencies are run and often mismanaged.” –Reedsy Discovery, Philip Zozzaro, San Francisco Book Review

“In this book, Orta’s passion and dedication to what’s right leaps from the page. His unique insight into why our whistleblower system needs fixed is the big reason why this book remains so engaging. A provocative memoir about doing the right thing even when your moral dilemma involves the Deep State. Orta’s passion and dedication to what’s right jumps off the page.” –Independent Book Review

“The Broken Whistle was a fascinating read that revealed several previously undiscovered facts concerning the CIA. Reading the book helped me understand this organization and the facade they put on while also enlightening me.” –Online Book

“A tale of the brutal treatment of whistleblowers by the CIA, which would be unbelievable except for the detailed documentation provided by Pedro Orta, an agency veteran. The unfairness of it all makes it hard to read; it must have been even harder for him to write.” –Thomas J. Baker, author of “The Fall of the FBI

“The Broken Whistle” delves deep into the inner workings of the CIA and uncovers evidence of corruption and abuse of power on failures to protect whistleblowers. Orta’s storytelling paints a disturbing picture of a Deep State out of control and operating above the law. The narrative details a tragic record of failed leadership, bullying, terror-laden tactics based on false accusations, and gross incompetence. The prevalence of a hostile environment laden with sexual harassment and questionable activity, along with dictatorial-like behaviors, lent itself to a horrific workplace environment. “They deliberately and maliciously violated laws, policies, personnel procedures, and EEO laws to get rid of me,” writes Orta. “They engaged in significant personnel harassment, gross mismanagement, and abuses of authority,” Orta elaborates with significant details to prove these claims. The book’s launch on 19 February 2024 proves to be a pivotal time as the CIA comes under increased scrutiny for more allegations of taking reprisals against whistleblowers.

Despite the overwhelming odds of fighting a massive bureaucracy with leadership only interested in sabotaging Orta’s hard-fought career, Orta survives to tell the tale. The book is a detailed fact-laden narrative that exposes the Deep State and how the same tactics used against him are being used against anyone who dares to speak up. It is a tale of a Deep State bent on destroying dissent to preserve its power.

Given recent events and growing concerns about government transparency, “The Broken Whistle” could not have come at a more crucial time. Orta’s book serves as a reminder that a veil of secrecy often conceals the truth, and authors and journalists like him are responsible for uncovering and reporting it. Holding those in power accountable is crucial, and Orta’s story powerfully reinforces this fact. “The Broken Whistle” is a clarion call to fight against all efforts to censor dissent at a critical time in our nation’s history. In its Prologue, “The Truth Must Be Told,” Orta warns about the perils of a Deep State bent on silencing dissent and calls for action to ensure our constitutional freedoms allow for other voices, like Tucker Carlson’s interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 8, 2024, not to be suppressed.

“The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok” is now available for preorders online and will be released on Presidents Day, February 19. With its detailed narrative and positive reviews, this book will make a lasting impact on readers and spark important conversations about government accountability and whistleblower protections. In early February 2024, “The Broken Whistle” was an Amazon Kindle Hot New Release in the Civil Rights Law category, attaining at one point the number one release.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pedro Israel Orta is a Miami-born son of Cuban immigrants who fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro’s communism. He brings his 18-year experience as a Central Intelligence Agency veteran to this memoir, having served in war-torn regions like Iraq, Afghanistan, and another undisclosed location in the Middle East, and at the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, working on whistleblower issues. Orta’s bravery in exposing abuses of power led to retribution and termination despite earning eight Exceptional Performance Awards for his contributions to U.S. national security—mostly in counterterrorism operations. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida International University, a Summa Cum Laude graduate, and a Master’s degree in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University—specializing in Defense Policy, Transnational Security Issues, and Political Psychology.

Mr. Orta will be at available for media interviews at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, TN, on 20 February and the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on 22-24 February 2024.

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