New Book “Red Flags From Your Cheater” Exposes the Dark Reality of Sociopathic Predators

New Book “Red Flags From Your Cheater” Exposes the Dark Reality of Sociopathic Predators

An Unforgettable True Story of Deception, Addiction, and Survival

UNITED STATES, July 5, 2024 / — Author Lani Wingate announces the release of his gripping new book, “Red Flags From Your Cheater,” revealing a shocking true story that sheds light on the dangers of sociopathic behavior in relationships.

“Red Flags From Your Cheater” delves into the harrowing tale of a man who falls deeply in love with a high-functioning sociopath. Inspired by a real-life experience shared by a friend, Lani Wingate meticulously uncovers the disturbing truth behind the facade of a beautiful yet manipulative woman. Her addictions to alcohol, drugs, and sex, coupled with her outrageous behavior, serve as a chilling backdrop to a narrative that explores the devastating impact of sociopathy on unsuspecting individuals.

“I never imagined that such evil could hide behind beauty,” says Lani Wingate. “This story compelled me to delve deep into the complexities of sociopathic behavior. ‘Red Flags From Your Cheater’ is not just a cautionary tale; it’s a survival guide for anyone who may encounter similar predators.”

Lani Wingate, based in North Carolina, draws from his passion for research and storytelling while exploring the Pisgah National Forest and walking the beaches of Myrtle Beach. His writing reflects a commitment to uncovering truths and sharing powerful narratives that resonate with readers.

“This book is a journey through darkness, but ultimately it’s about empowerment,” Wingate adds. “I want readers to recognize the signs of a sociopath early on and find the strength to protect themselves.”

In addition to “Red Flags From Your Cheater,” Lani Wingate has authored several other works that explore diverse themes of human behavior and survival. For more information about Lani Wingate and his work, visit

About Lani Wingate

Lani Wingate resides in North Carolina, where he finds inspiration for his writing amidst the natural beauty of the Pisgah National Forest and Myrtle Beach. With a dedication to researching and exposing truths, Lani’s writing aims to enlighten and empower readers through compelling storytelling.

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