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Benjamin Franklin, who, on leaving the Constitutional Convention of 1787, supposedly told a curious passerby that the Framers had produced a republic, if you can keep it.”

— Benjamin Franklin

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2024 / — Solve American Gridlock LLC of Austin, Texas announces the recent publication at Amazon ( of Combative Congress; Your Voice! Your Power! This book fills the need that every American age 16-90 should understand why the electoral methods now used for Congress impede collaboration.

The issue is that almost all citizens lack the time, the background, and/or intense interest in political matters to understand what needs to be changed to get a problem-solving Congress. This book solves that by first carefully studying when, how, and why our two parties became so intensely polarized. It then analyzes why the Congress has only two parties and proposes needed changes in our electoral systems that will lead to more parties and a much more civil and productive Congress. Other important countries have an average of 3.9 parties.

Combative Congress addresses a serious and complex topic in ways that make reading it pleasant. This nonpartisan book is unique in that its appeal stretches from a high school student to a professor, from a young housewife to a retired chemical engineer, and more. It was written to be concise and readable in less than three hours with some humor thrown in; it has 33 color graphs and photographs to implant images of concepts in the reader’s mind; and it has short chapters and good references.

National constitutions have lasted an average of only 17 years since 1789. America’s Constitution has lasted over 230 years! However, it is no secret that a huge percentage of the populace is increasingly worried that the United States has lost the ability and fortitude to formulate and implement solutions to serious problems. A symptom of this is gridlock, but attacking symptoms is futile; one must dig down to the root causes. This book does that.

In 2014, about 94% (,_2014) of incumbent congressional candidates were returned to office, but the approval rate for Congress was around 15% ( How in the world can that be? The answer is that we have broken electoral systems.

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