New Company Creates Ergonomic Products for Guitarists

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updated: Sep 17, 2018

New Pick Design to be Released on Kickstarter

Bog Street LLC announces the launch of a new company that develops and manufactures products designed to enhance the guitar playing experience.

Bog Street, a newly formed Florida-based LLC, is announcing the launch of their company and new product line – a series of 3-sided ergonomic picks. The patented pick design provides players with an unprecedented level of comfort and stability while offering three different picks in a single tool.  

The picks have been in development since early 2017 and the company has multiple patents pending. Bog Street intends to develop products using a strong feedback loop from a diverse network of musicians. “A select network of players are helping us co-author products and addressing real problems in a collaborative way,” stated Paul Holcomb, company founder.  

“Bog Street embraces a user-centered design approach; which means products are rigorously researched, tested and validated from the concept stage all the way through final manufacturing. Real players are the only ones that can ensure the product will meet a high standard of utility and user delight.

“The Bog Street, ‘Brand Ambassadors’ are an extension of the product development team which is entirely made up of guitarists. Everything from the original concept sketches through engineering and product testing were contributed by guitar players. Our philosophy is that empathy drives meaningful design innovation, so everyone that influenced the design had to understand the needs and desires of the end user.”  

The guitar picks will be manufactured in America. The company has started tooling design and manufactured initial production prototypes in anticipation of fulfillment of Kickstarter backers. Early testing feedback has been very positive and the product launch team is optimistic. “I love getting feedback from players who have seen where we started with earlier prototypes and where we’re at now,” noted Holcomb. “Guitar players are very particular about guitar picks and we’re not trying to replace the traditional pick, but the reactions that we’re getting tell us that players appreciate having something different in their creative toolkit.”

Bog Street will also be offering original T-shirt designs featuring themes that resonate with guitar players. All shirts will be manufactured and printed in America with a detail for quality and comfort. Initial designs can be viewed on the company’s website.

Source: Bog Street

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