New Suits series in development from creator Aaron Korsh

A new Suits series is in development from creator Aaron Korsh for NBCUniversal, featuring new characters in a new location.

Despite coming to an end four years ago, Suits has been the hottest TV series of the summer, even breaking a handful of Nielsen streaming records and becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched series. In response to the renewed attention, Deadline reports that creator Aaron Korsh is developing a new Suits series for NBCUniversal.

This won’t be a revival or reboot of Suits, and it won’t necessarily be a spin-off either, but rather a new series taking place in the same universe. It would feature new characters and take place in a new location, with Deadline hearing that Los Angeles is being considered. Deals are still in the process of being negotiated, but the project is expected to be fast-tracked once everything is worked out.

Suits takes place in a fictional New York City corporate law firm and follows Mike (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout who never attended law school but is able to talk his way into getting a job working for attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) thanks to his impressive photographic memory. The series also stars Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and Meghan Markle. The series spanned nine seasons and 134 episodes.

We’ve already seen one Suits spinoff, with Pearson following Gina Torres’ character as she entered the dirty world of Chicago politics. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after just one season. As I’ve never seen Suits for myself, I can’t begin to explain to you why it exploded this year, but it turns out that creator Aaron Korsh was also surprised by the show’s newfound popularity. “I always thought we were underestimated, but it turns out, even I underestimated #Suits,” he wrote on X/Twitter last week. “It’s good to be the King.

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