On Tuesday Oct 20th, Rabbi Perl Went to the Police

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Oct 27, 2015

Rabbi Perl & friends journeyed to all the Nassau County Long Island Police Precincts to show appreciation and recognition to all police officers in a special ‘Thank You Day’

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 was designated by Chabad of Mineola, as a special ‘Tell a Police Officer ‘Thank You’ Day. 

On this day, Rabbi Anchelle Perl & Friends visited each of Nassau County’s Six Police Precincts and the Highway Patrol Center, to extend greetings of appreciation and gratitude to the police men & women who risk their lives to protect and serve their communities. Each Precinct received their own ‘Thank You’ Plaque and lunch donated by Brachs Supermarket of Lawrence NY. https://youtu.be/MM80P5D4Zwc

“Having served as a chaplain to police officers for several years and chaplain to the Nassau County Correctional Center,” notes Rabbi Perl, “I know first-hand the difficult job these men and women undertake every day and I think we often take them for granted. We must show support and appreciation for those that serve and protect us, policing can be a thankless task.  Police work breaks your heart, no matter how detached you try to be.”

The delegation of community leaders included, Kayla Calmenson, Sandra Fox, Randie Greenberg, Hon. Gary Hudes, Laura May, Jonathon May, Robert & Fran Ross and Zalman Watkin.  At each Police Precinct a declaration was read to all the police officers saying: “We salute you, pray for you, honor you, and appreciate the contributions each of you makes every day, in every jurisdiction, as you protect and serve.  Thank you, you make the world a better place.”

With the recent scourge of Police personnel being attacked around the country, Chabad of Mineola NY launched this ‘Thank You Police Officer’ project. Police officers risk their lives to protect and serve our communities yet too often get a bad rap.

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