Powda and Krystall Poppin Release New Single “La La La”

Official Artwork for “La La La”

Powda and Krystal Popping

Two Divas

Artists and producer

Powda, Manek Media, and Krystal Popping. Artists and producer of new single “La La La”

An Ode to Solidarity and Future Collaborations. “La La La” lyrics will resonate with fans, the relationship formed between Powda and Krystall Poppin.

True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no need to hate.”

— Nicki Minaj

HOUSTON, TX, USA, October 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The symphony of generations echoes profoundly in the world of Latin Rap as two divas from different eras unite to celebrate femininity, empowerment, and culture. Powda, a pioneering icon of Texas Latin rap, and Krystall Poppin, a baroness of the same realm, harmonize to create a new single, “La La La”, slated for release on October 20th, 2023.

Their story intertwines with serendipity and respect. The initial meeting of Powda and Krystall Poppin at the Day of Unity show in 2021 sparked something. However the foundation for the collaboration was laid on November 26, 2022, at the first Women’s Empowerment Show curated by Jessica Jeanz of 97.9 The Box and The Hemp Sisters. An event that celebrated and honored their significant contributions to the Latin Rap Industry, recognizing the trails blazed by Powda and the impactful trajectory of Krystall.

When Powda reached out to Krystall with the proposition of a feature on her upcoming album, it seeded the musical collaboration. Though one might perceive a gap between their generations, a common respect for each other’s craft bridges the divide. Krystall grew up vibing to Powda’s tracks, thanks to her Tias, ensuring that appreciation permeated her own journey through the rap scene.

“La La La”: The Anthem of Empowered Latinas

Produced by Manek Beatz of Manek Media, “La La La” is fitly described as a good vibe, chronicling an exhilarating night out while also conveying an undercurrent of strength and unity among Latina women in the industry. Merging the seasoned rhymes of Powda with Krystall’s modern day style, the track promises to be a banger with its magnetic hook and hard-hitting lyrics. Beyond the beats and bars, “La La La” embodies the alliance of generational talent, proving that Latinas from varied eras can be lyrical, melodical, and potent, perpetuating the tradition and evolution of Latin rap in Texas and beyond.

This unity extended beyond the studio, forging a genuine bond between the two artists. Powda and Krystall’s shared experiences, from shopping trips for matching video outfits to supporting each other’s individual projects. This camaraderie was illuminated through a behind-the-scenes look during a special interview on Powda’s forthcoming podcast, “The Powda Room”, providing fans with a genuine peek into their dynamic relationship.

An Ode to Solidarity and Future Collaborations. “La La La” lyrics will resonate with fans, the relationship formed between Powda and Krystall Poppin speaks to a broader narrative within the industry. Their story is one of multigenerational respect, women uplifting women, and the shared pursuit of success in a challenging industry. This solidarity not only enriches their individual journeys but also sends a potent message of empowerment and unity to fellow artists and fans alike.

“La La La” is more than a single; it is a testament to the power of collaboration, respect across generational divides, and the sheer vibrancy of Latina artists in the rap industry. As listeners eagerly await the drop of the single and its subsequent screwed and chopped version, they’re not just anticipating a track – they are awaiting an experience. An experience that speaks about tales of fun nights out with a deeper, resonant story of unity, respect, and the boundless possibilities that arise when artists from different eras converge to create something timeless. A classic, a dope collab, and a seasoned artist using her influence to unite the generations.

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