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updated: May 4, 2021

This black spoken word poet let go of her reactionary racism.

Native Detroiter, Alicea Joy Davis is the refreshment that our nation needs. Years ago, she suffered from unknown reactionary racism. A deep mistrust towards white America due to racial oppression and national disparities that hinder communities of color to reaching their full potential. Esteem Builders Productions, Inc is her company that has a goal to creatively help blacks heal from generations of lamenting. Racial healing is available to those who are willing to do the inner work. Alicea Joy has spent the last decade building tools with creativity to help.

It started with an awakening to modern day racism and lead to her avoiding whites and turning down business opportunities with them. She did not know that she was becoming what hurt her until her usually joyful countenance and personality became dark. She used faith to make her restore her trust in deserving citizens who were different from her.

Davis is a spoken word poet and artist who uses her unique expression to work out difficult emotions that come to the surface of our consciousness. She has the power to help lift our nation out of racial unrest because she serves as a mediator in her book, From Hatred To Healing: Eight Racial Reconciliation Poems.

This short read is like a small pill that works its way through the hearts and minds of its reader. It has been said by her white followers, it is a safe way to walk in the shoes of the hurting blacks. As Davis does not hold back communicating hard truths in a constructive way. Her black followers have said it is a window into the minds of African Americans who have been blessed to find racial healing.

Davis is a highly sought-after racial reconciliation executive speaker who features soul touching poetic keynotes that are easy and highly beneficial to follow along with. From her line of racial healing clothing to the new March Forth Movement, Davis has a wealth of enriching conversation starters and helpers to help sew up the soul wounds of our nation’s original sin.

Contact Alicea Joy Davis at 248-917-9816 or internationally at 1-877-9-POETRY. Email [email protected] or visit for more information.

Source: Esteem Builders Productions, Inc.

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