Renowned In-Water Photographer Kevin Avery Makes Significant New Sale

Image “Epilogued” by Kevin Avery, created in Carlsbad, California, 2022

Award Winning Fine-Art Photographer Kevin Avery to install major new work in Hermosa Beach, California

I suggest embracing naiveté, avoiding excessive research, and persistently pursuing your passion if you are going to try in-water photography.”

— Kevin Avery

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — Southern California-based fine-art photographer Kevin Avery is pleased to announce he just sold one of his most significant pieces, a 44 x 88 image that his team will be delivering and installing on December 27th in Hermosa Beach, California, and is one of his more popular shots, titled “Epilogued.” Kevin just finished participating in Art San Diego in November, which was a very successful show for the photographer. Kevin also participated in the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts this past summer for the first time, which was very successful for the artist.

About the Artist:

Kevin Avery has emerged as a distinctive voice in fine art photography, garnering acclaim for his captivating ocean and wave photography. With a lifelong passion for surfing and the ocean, Avery has successfully turned his addiction to the water into a thriving photography business. Initially a hobbyist photographer, Avery formally studied his craft at the California Center for Digital Arts. However, much of his expertise developed through trial and error, constantly striving to improve his skills. Avery’s journey from passion project to full-time career began during the pandemic, when he collaborated with his father to transform his love of the ocean into a business.

About the Artistic Process:

Avery shoots on a Sony A7RIV camera and specialty lenses to capture nuanced ocean lighting. Most importantly, Avery worked with an Australian company to develop a customized underwater housing to enable shooting while treading water. This innovative in-water approach became Avery’s signature perspective.

About the Work:

Based in Southern California, Avery’s fine art photographs transcend geographical boundaries. His work is frequently exhibited at art shows and galleries across the world. For both surfing enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Avery’s images showcase the hidden wonders within breaking waves.

Advice to Other Photographers:

For aspiring photographers, Avery states, “I suggest embracing naiveté, avoiding excessive research, and persistently pursuing their passion.” He adds that he “encourages incorporating photography into daily life and pushing past obstacles with determination.” Above all, Avery adds that he “believes in maintaining kindness, humility, and compassion throughout the journey.”

In the Future:

Looking ahead, Avery says that he plans to expand his presence by taking his photography show on the road, exhibiting at major national and international art fairs. He also states that he aims to explore new locations, experiment with night photography, and continue refining his skill in capturing elusive moments. He reports he is anticipating being a part of the “Other Art Fair” in Los Angeles in April, from the 4th-7th.


Kevin Avery is an in-water fine art photographer based in Southern California. His unique perspective captures the essence of the ocean and waves, showcasing the beauty and power of the sea. With a blend of passion, dedication, and a commitment to storytelling, Avery’s work has garnered widespread acclaim and a dedicated following.

To learn more about Kevin Avery’s work, visit or follow @KevinAveryPhoto on Instagram.

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