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FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM) is excited to announce its innovative and dynamic video content creation services for businesses of all sizes.

With a friendly and approachable brand tone, RZM is any business’ go-to partner for creating stylish, captivating, and engaging videos that can help boost a brand and tell brand stories in a unique way.

Articles, Real Estate Videos, And More

In addition to its video production services, RZM also provides various articles on video content creation, marketing, and social media tips.

In a recent article, the RZM tackles a crucial aspect of shooting and posting video content online: short-form vs. long-form content.

In ‘The Impact of Video Length on Engagement: Long-Form vs. Short-Form,’ the team at Ricky Zollinger Media explains and answers various burning questions the Internet has about shooting videos that are short and sweet vs. long and informative.

Answering whether short-form or long-form video content is better, Zollinger explains:

“The answer to this question ultimately depends on your business goals and audience. If you want to establish your brand as an expert in your industry, long-form content may be the way to go. If you’re a real estate agent in Orange County doling out some in-detail tips and tricks, a comprehensive long-form video may be a great option.”

In short, the debate over which length serves a company best is dependent on a few factors. Zollinger explains:

“But if you want to attract and engage a wider audience, short-form content may be more effective. Ultimately, it’s essential to experiment with both long-form and short-form content and see what works best for your business.”

It may come as no surprise that people may prefer shorter videos to deliver a concise, useful message in a short period. While that doesn’t discount the power of a longer, more in-depth video, short-form videos are quickly taking the Internet by storm. With social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram capitalizing on shorter videos, it has become the standard for mass consumption of ideas and content.

Zollinger and his team explain: “There are a few reasons why people might prefer short-form content. One reason is that it’s easier to consume on-the-go or during short breaks. Short-form content can be more entertaining and less overwhelming than longer content. Additionally, shorter videos tend to have a higher shareability factor, making them more likely to go viral on social media.”

But it’s not all praise for short-form video content. The benefits of long-form content are different but no less helpful for achieving certain ends for brands.

“While short-form content may be more popular, long-form content can still be successful if it’s engaging and informative. It’s essential to consider the audience’s preferences and the goals of the video before deciding on the video’s length,” says Zollinger.

Real Estate Videos With RZM

Zollinger’s expertise in these areas has led to successful collaborations with well-known brands such as Panda Express, Vacadillos, Guayaki, and reality TV star Johnny Bananas.

Keeping in step with the company’s expertise, one area where RZM excels is helping businesses in the Orange County real estate industry, specifically working with Taya DiCarlo to create engaging videos for social media.

By collaborating with RZM, DiCarlo has been able to provide valuable industry tips and behind-the-scenes insights to her audience, ultimately boosting her brand and engagement. In DiCarlo’s case, her image has been enhanced by short-form videos; her Instagram is rife with bite-sized videos that inform outsiders to real estate on crucial topics that will help them sell or buy their homes. Along with some humorous stories from inside the industry.

With RZM, businesses can expect high-quality video production services that align with their unique brand and messaging. Their experience in various industries, along with their casual and friendly approach, make them a top choice for businesses looking to improve their video content and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

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Whether a small startup or a large corporation, RZM has the expertise and experience to help companies and brands create exceptional video content that resonates with their audiences.

Contact RZM today to learn more about how Ricky and his team can help businesses take their brand to the next level with innovative video content creation services.

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