“Ripple Effect” Tale of Resilience, Loss, and Renewal

Rebecca Jean Bergquist

Rebecca Jean Bergquist



Renowned author Rebecca Jean Bergquist launch a groundbreaking yet touching book that takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions. Inspiring broken hearts to discover their true potential, guided by a spiritual light, and never losing heart, Ripple Effect has that astounding impact on the reader’s mind that makes them want to self-reflect.

Set in a personal tone, the book takes the audience into the life of Rebecca Jean Bergquist and the tragedies she has been through. For once, people are able to see the world through Rebecca’s lens.

At first glance, the author has painted a scenic backdrop of Salmon, ID, where Rebecca lived in her early years. Yet, beneath this tranquil facade lies a poignant narrative that delves into the heart-wrenching experiences of losing her own blood – Travis and Christopher – her husband and her son, two beautiful souls whose absence carved deep imprints on Rebecca’s heart.

Even with a grieving heart, Rebecca’s quest for purpose propels her onto unexpected paths, leading her to discovering her potential in multiple careers —reverend, producer, and ultimately, an epitome of resilience for countless other broken souls.

“Ripple Effect” is not merely a book, but a powerful narrative which showcases the importance of having Faith in life.

Rebecca Jean Bergquist’s life story is a reminder that even through tribulations, there is always a ray of hope even in the darkest hours.

The Ripple Effect is a gratifying and insightful book that will resonate with readers regardless of age. The book is available now on AMAZON.

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