Roisin Dubh Unveils Live Rendition of Timeless Christmas Classic, “Silent Night”


A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity and message of “Peace and Freedom” marks the run-up time for Christmas release of “Silent Night.”

NEUMUENSTER, GERMANY, November 24, 2023 / — Roisin Dubh, an acclaimed musical ensemble rooted in the rich musical traditions of Ireland and Scotland, is set to enchant audiences with a live rendition of the timeless Christmas classic, “Silent Night.” Established in the summer of 1982 by a group of five talented musicians driven by a passion for creating music effortlessly, Roisin Dubh has consistently crafted a unique sound, seamlessly blending elements of pop, jazz, and rock with traditional Irish and Scottish influences.

In the spirit of honoring the roots of “Silent Night,” originally composed in 1818 by school teacher and organist Franz Xaver Gruber, Roisin Dubh brings a contemporary touch to this cherished Christmas melody. The band’s interpretation resonates with a profound sense of peace and freedom, delivering a heartfelt message transcending time and cultural boundaries.

The distinctive “Roisin Dubh Sound” is characterized by integrating traditional styles with four-part vocals, creating a remarkable musical experience. The band’s commitment to preserving the essence of traditional Irish and Scottish songs while infusing modern elements has earned them a dedicated following.

The live version of “Silent Night” by Roisin Dubh comes just in time for Christmas. Audiences worldwide can immerse themselves in the band’s unique take on this beloved Christmas hymn, capturing the essence of the holiday season in a melodic embrace.

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