“Sentimental Curse” Now Streaming on all platforms

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, USA, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Emerging artist Elton Lee announces the release of his debut album, “Sentimental Curse,” now available for streaming on all platforms. This album is not just a collection of songs but also a gateway into an enthralling narrative that combines the magic of music with the allure of storytelling.

Set in a fantastical realm, “Sentimental Curse” revolves around the conquests of a corrupt king, a wicked wizard, and a sorceress named Serenity. Each track is crafted to unfold parts of this captivating tale, inviting listeners to enter a new world and unlock the story hidden within the music.

To narrate this saga, Elton Lee does not confine himself to the boundaries of musical tradition. The album is a rollercoaster of emotions, delving into themes of relationships, loss, and healing. Cinematic instrumentals like “The Wizard” and “Serenity’s Gale” serve the sole purpose of setting the tone for the characters and scenes they represent.

For those who prefer a more structured listening experience, songs like “Shine” and the title track “Sentimental Curse” offer a classic song structure. Meanwhile, “The Time is Now” provides a motivational soundtrack, encouraging listeners to take the first step toward achieving their goals.

“Sentimental Curse” is an ambitious project where each note paints a vivid picture, creating an enchanting world of sound and story. Elton Lee’s debut is more than an album; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and imagination.

Join Elton Lee in this unique musical adventure, now streaming on all platforms. Experience the enchanting world of “Sentimental Curse” and let the music guide you through an unforgettable journey.

About Elton Lee:
Elton Lee is a visionary artist who seeks to tell stories through his music. With “Sentimental Curse,” he ventures into uncharted territories, blending instrumental prowess with narrative depth to create a truly unique listening experience.

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