Silen Audio Launches Infinite Flow: A Vintage Inspired Polyphonic Synthesizer



Oscillator Macro

Oscillator Macro

After 2+ years of development, Silen Audio announces that Infinite Flow is officially available.

We carefully captured the imperfect sound of 12 vintage analog polysynths. You can select which model you use, and dial in the right amount of “Slop”, or create your own models.”

— Silen Audio

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2023 / — After 2+ years of development, Silen Audio announces that Infinite Flow is officially available.

The Timeless Sound of Classic Synthesizers

Infinite Flow uses models of vintage polyphonic synthesizers to unlock subtle warmth and depth for your synthesizer sounds.

Infinite Flow is a polyphonic synthesizer that offers infinite possibilities in music creation, expression and sound exploration. This synthesizer redefines sound by blending the depth and warmth of classic synthesizers with the dynamic pulse and grit of contemporary sound.

Infinite Flow Features

Infinite Flow has distinctive per-voice detuning, offering rich warmth and character to sounds. It authentically recreates the charming imperfections of vintage polyphonic synthesizers with a modern take. Musicians and music lovers alike can now embark on a sonic journey with its versatile features:

● Eight voices, seven oscillators, and five effects.

● Extensive preset bank.

● Deep modulability, including inherent per-voice modulation.

Composer and Sound Designer Shares Early Thoughts.

“These tones are the closest to hardware than any other soft synth. I think you ‘Cracked the Code’.” – Khris Clymer.

Options to Try Infinite Flow

Silen Audio understands the importance of making music technology accessible. To cater to diverse needs, they are offering a $9.99/month “rent to own” plan. With this flexible option,

users can enjoy Infinite Flow and keep the synthesizer once it’s fully paid off. Users can also download a free trial copy to experience Infinite Flow’s potential.

About Silen Audio

Silen Audio is a growing music technology and game audio company, founded by veteran composer Adam Fligsten. They are excited to provide musicians with this innovative tool to freely express their creativity and produce exceptional music. Stay informed about Infinite Flow by following the latest developments and updates.

Available on Windows/Mac: VST3 & AU.

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