SUMiT Drops Hot Summer Hip-Hop/Rap Album “Get up & Go”

SUMiT Drops Hot Summer Hip-Hop/Rap Album “Get up & Go”

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On June 24, 2024, SUMiT released his latest Album, ‘Get up & Go,’ an energizing motivational music masterpiece.

My mission is to bring joy to the world and make people feel less alone. To inspire compassion for others and encouragement to follow their dreams.”


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 3, 2024 / — SUMiT is no stranger to the Hip-Hop music scene. His 2020 debut EP “Stimulus: A Socially Distant EP” includes breakout singles “Game 7” featuring Sean Kingston and “Ace of Spades” feat. Fabolous set the stage for his growing music catalog, which peaked in the summer of 2024 with over 60 original published songs in just four years. In addition to his independent audio releases, his directorial vision shines through in music videos for his tracks, including “Dollars Matter,” “Ghosted,” and “Yeah Yup,” enhancing his storytelling and visual aesthetic. SUMiT has made a name for himself in the underground hip-hop and rap scene, racking up wins at artist freestyle competitions in the United States and main stage performances with artists such as Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Cappella Grey, Jay Critch, and more. He has demanded the attention of a growing global audience of hip-hop, rap enthusiasts, and music lovers worldwide. In the summer of 2024, SUMiT’s name will peak from underground into the public mainstream light with the release of “Get up & Go” and leading track “Fym” featuring OT the Real.

SUMiT’s journey into music began in his teenage years, sparked by the encouragement of a friend who tragically passed away, leaving behind the moniker “SUMiT” as a symbol of reaching the peak of one’s potential. His music defies genre norms, drawing inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, and societal observations. Since he first stepped on the scene in 2020, it has been a steady climb to the top, guided by focus, determination, passion, and resilience.

In 2023, SUMiT took on a bold initiative, releasing 23 singles in 23 consecutive weeks, showcasing his relentless work ethic and solidifying his presence in the music scene. His journey is a testament to authenticity and innovation in the hip-hop landscape. As he continues to evolve artistically, his music, including his latest album “Get up & Go,” independently released with the support of executive producer and manager Danny DiRoberto, promises to resonate deeply with audiences seeking both inspiration and introspection through music.

“Get up & Go” is filled with energy and messages that will resonate with anyone aspiring for something or anyone who has something they want to do but maybe just need a little inspiration to give them the nudge that gets them in motion. What makes my music authentic is that I don’t rap about anything that I don’t live. It’s strictly visceral emotion and real-life subject matter. My mission is to bring joy to the world and make people feel less alone. To inspire compassion for others and encouragement to follow their dreams.” – SUMiT

“Get up & Go” features eight new original tracks and one skit. It was distributed through TuneCore. The leading single, “Fym” feat. OT the Real, was produced by Fukk2beatz and will be accompanied by a supporting music video on SUMiT’s official YouTube Channel in the coming weeks.

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Additional Information on SUMiT’s New Album “Get up & Go”

Listen Now:

Written By: Vincent James Rovezzi (AKA SUMiT)

Distributed By: TuneCore

Release Date: June 24, 2024

Album UPC: 859789597580

Giddy Up

ISRC: TCAIJ2407360

Produced By: Beefy

Fym (feat. OT the Real)

ISRC: TCAIJ2412191

Produced By: Fukk2beatz

Trippy Hippie

ISRC: TCAHX2485446

Produced By: C-Sick

That Guy

ISRC: TCAIK2412263

Produced By: Anabolic Beats

Hit Parade

ISRC: TCAIJ2412298

Produced By: Devante

Get It Going (Skit)

ISRC: TCAIJ2412316

Party’s Over

ISRC: TCAIJ2412348

Produced By: Cold Spring Motel


ISRC: TCAIJ2412505

Produced By: Swisher beats

Tale of an Underdog

ISRC: TCAIK2412524

Produced By: C-Sick

More About SUMiT:

SUMiT is a highly-rated rapper, lyricist, and poet from Worcester, MA, known for his captivating passion and creative genius. He has released over 60 songs independently since his 2020 debut EP “Stimulus: A Socially Distant EP,” and has collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Fabolous, Sean Kingston, The Hoodies, and OT the Real, showcasing his ability to blend insightful lyricism with diverse musical styles. SUMiT’s live performances have taken him across the US to Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Providence, where he’s graced stages and shared bills with artists such as Fabolous, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Cappella Grey, and Jay Critch.

With a name that represents striving for the highest level of his craft while staying humble (as denoted by the lowercase “i”), SUMiT’s reverence for the art form of rap music began at a young age. The combination of witnessing the vibrant hip-hop culture in his hometown and being captivated by the lyrical prowess of East Coast emcees in the mid-late 90’s, such as Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z, fueled SUMiT’s desire to express himself through rhythm and rhyme. The sheer diversity of his soundscape distinguishes his music.

For over a decade, SUMiT meticulously honed his craft in solitude, grappling with the specter of self-doubt and unfulfilled dreams. A pivotal moment of confession to his confidant, Danny DiRoberto, catalyzed a transformative journey, propelling SUMiT towards a meteoric rise in hip-hop. With DiRoberto’s stewardship taking on a hybrid role as manager and executive producer, SUMiT’s dormant creativity blossomed into a symphony of raw emotion and unbridled passion.

With big plans for the future, SUMiT continues to uplift and inspire his audience with his heartfelt and genuine artistry, authenticity, and innovation in hip-hop. He remains deeply connected to his roots and family, driven by a mission to spread a message of hope and perseverance through his music.

“Every time I write, it feels like the hardest puzzle I’ve ever had to solve and the easiest game I’ve ever played at the same time.” – SUMiT

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