THE BILLY DAVID BAND announces the New Album ” Turning Corners”

New Album release by the billy david band Turning Corners Jan 13 2024

A Melodic Journey Featuring Renowned Collaborators San Diego CA Jan. 13 2024 The Billy David Band “Turning Corners” New Album Release

New Billy David Band album “Turning Corners” out in stores Jan.13 2024 pre-sales start on the 9th of Jan”

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORINA, US, January 6, 2024 / — The Billy David Band is thrilled to announce the release of their much anticipated album, “Turning Corners” set to drop January 13 2024

This album is collection of diverse and dynamic tracks, showcasing the bands evolution and versatility.

Turning Corners features an impressive line of guest artists, adding unique flavors to each track. The Album includes collaborations with notable talents such as Georgette “Jones” Lennon, Tammy T, Rocio Mendoza, ZEB ,Steve Verhault, Paul Kastick, Alex Blanken, Ortel Lewis, Evan Bausch, Richard Goofy Campbell, David Morales Boroff, Phil Boroff, Michael Fletcher, Clinton Linton, Berry Berry and Gabriel Jasmin

Recorded at Edge Recording in Inglewood Ca. The albums sound is a testament to the bands commitment to quality and innovation. The mixing expertise of Roy Silverstein at Rarefied Recordings in San Diego Ca. along with help from Montego Bay Jamiacas own Paul Kastick and masterful mastering by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grugman contribute to the albums impeccable production.

The album cover features a captivating drawing by Harry Carmean, with the back picture contributed by Iris Mimmion, adding visualdepth to the musical experience.

“Turning Corners” spans various themes and moods across its tracks, including CELEBRATE, WHAT IF, GET IT ON, NOT ALONE, GETTING BETTER, STOLEN LAND, LIKE I DO, ALICE and THE JAM

Each song offers a unique story, inviting listeners on a journey through soundscapes ranging from upbeat anthems to introspective ballads.

Pre-Sales for TURNING CORNERS begin on Jan. 9 2024 The Billy David Band invites fans and music enthusiasts to join them in Celebrating this new chapter in their musical journey

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CELEBRATE one of the singles on the New Billy David Band album ” TURNING CORNERS ” in stores Jan. 13 2024 presales start Jan.8

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