The Crypto Revolution by Lev Mikulitski and Matías Monteagudo Now Unveiled on Amazon

Banking Unchained – Book Cover

“Banking Unchained: How Cryptocurrencies Can Transform Your Financial Life” – A New Book by Lev Mikulitski and Matías Monteagudo Now Available on Amazon.

Unlock the chains of traditional banking; embrace the boundless horizon of cryptocurrencies”

— Lev Mikulitski

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, ISRAEL, October 9, 2023 / — Step into the Future of Finance and Embrace the Crypto Revolution.

The financial landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and leading the charge are authors Lev Mikulitski and Matías Monteagudo with their pioneering book, “Banking Unchained: How Cryptocurrencies Can Transform Your Financial Life.” This comprehensive guide, now available on Amazon, offers readers an in-depth exploration of the transformative world of cryptocurrencies.

“Banking Unchained” is a beacon for individuals aiming for financial independence and business owners looking to elevate their ventures in the digital age. Through a unique dialogue, the authors demystify the world of cryptoassets and spotlight the vast opportunities that lie ahead.

From understanding blockchain technology to harnessing the power of smart contracts, readers will learn how to leverage crypto for unparalleled financial growth. The book emphasizes the revolutionary role of cryptocurrencies in fostering transparency, autonomy, and global innovation.

Meticulously structured, “Banking Unchained” features:

CHAPTER 1: Individuals and Cryptocurrency – Covering foundational topics and the broader implications of crypto.

CHAPTER 2: Cryptocurrency in Business – Exploring the transformative impact of crypto on various business facets.

More than just a guide, Lev and Matías’s work inspires readers to step into a global economy unbounded by traditional confines. As the world stands on the precipice of a financial revolution, “Banking Unchained” equips readers with the tools to redefine their financial trajectories.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

For more information, interviews, or review copies, please contact Lev Mikulitski, at +972548363156, [email protected].

About the Authors: Lev Mikulitski and Matías Monteagudo are esteemed figures in the business and crypto sectors. Their combined knowledge aims to guide individuals and businesses through the intricate world of cryptocurrencies, championing a future where financial empowerment is within everyone’s reach.

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