The Official and Authorized English-Translated ‘Welcome, First Time With BTS?’ Book Set to Release in Mid-September 2018

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updated: Aug 22, 2018

Originally written and sold in South Korea by Gu Ja Hyoung, the Official and Authorized English-translated version of “Welcome, First Time With BTS?” published by KALBPA allows for BTS’ international fans (ARMY) to see, as well as enjoy, how a fellow senior musical artist feels about BTS’ music, lyrics from various albums and their journey toward their well-deserved fame.

Within the book, also filled with photos and stickers of the seven good-looking and talented members, Gu Ja Hyoung takes sections of BTS’ song lyrics (English translated) and provides his own personal analysis of the relationship between the words, their meanings and legendary historical figures and events. The book will be available mid-September of 2018 online at or in selected U.S. stores only.

Source: KALBPA

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