The Ultimate Publishing House Announces New Book and Journal by Martin Rowinski

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updated: Mar 25, 2021

The Ultimate Publishing House Announces New Book and Journal by Martin Rowinski, ‘The Corporate Matchmaker, Creating a Robust Board Room’

Ready for the ultimate boardroom playbook accompanied by a companion journal, “The Corporate Matchmaker: Creating A Robust Board Room” is the essential book and journal that CEOs and current/future Board members need. The book offers a captivating personal story paired with a dynamic vision geared toward driving better business results.

Every CEO needs a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors to help them think clearly about important business decisions, but many challenges surface when we start thinking about how to assemble the perfect team. When challenges arise, people call in the Corporate Matchmaker, Martin Rowinski. Martin is the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi. He knows how to connect the right people to the advisory positions that drive epic business. 

The unique and proven strategies that Martin has cultivated in the Boardroom were formed throughout his life. Today, he helps CEOs meet diverse and qualified people they need to cultivate a dynamic and innovative Board. This is a process that is defined by building up skills, relationships, and exploring how a Board can best be built for a company’s specific needs, and in collaboration with its CEO. When all these elements come together, exciting and innovative business outcomes begin to surface.  Everyone wins, regardless of their position in the company. Get your copy of the book and journal today at or amazon.

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