Throw Momma From the Train Sequel could happen, but Twins 2 is dead

Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal are looking to reunite with a long-belated sequel to Throw Momma From the Train.

If you’ve ever wanted a long-belated sequel to Throw Momma From the Train, Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal have you covered.

While speaking with GQ, Danny DeVito was asked if there was anything in his career he wanted to revisit. Surprisingly, DeVito mentioned that he’s been looking at reuniting with Billy Crystal for a Throw Momma From the Train sequel titled, you guessed it, Throw Papa From the Train. “Billy [Crystal] and I want to work together again,” DeVito said. “We were looking at possibly doing Throw Papa From the Train.” Crystal’s representative confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s true,” the rep said. “They’re still working on it.

Throw Momma From the Train starred Billy Crystal as Larry, an author with a cruel ex-wife, Margaret (Kate Mulgrew), who teaches a writing workshop where Owen (Danny DeVito), one of his students, is fed up with his domineering mother (Anne Ramsey). When Owen watches Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, he decides to put the movie’s plot into action and offers to kill Margaret, if Larry promises to murder his mom in return.

The film served as Danny DeVito’s feature directorial debut, and while it received mixed reviews, it was a box-office success. It also scored Anne Ramsey an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Owen’s mother.

Danny DeVito also mentioned that he wants to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger again and that the pair have a project in the works that isn’t Twins 2. “We missed Twins 2, because he became governor—which, he should have done Twins 2 instead of becoming governor,” DeVito said. “Now we have a little thing going, a little project that we’ve been chatting about.” DeVito added that the story isn’t related to Twins at all, “It’s just two friends, two guys, because we have a good time together. We complement each other in a lot of ways. I am way stronger than he is.

Would you like to see Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal reunite for a Throw Momma From the Train sequel?

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