Tommy Davidson Visits Sista Speak on Digital Podcast Network

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updated: Mar 16, 2021

Over the last couple of years, the digital podcast industry has grown significantly. As streaming services have gained popularity, podcast shows have become the new craze. The Digital Podcast Network provides 24-hour access to a number of shows including Sista Speak.

On this week’s episode of Sista Speak, comedian Tommy Davidson sits down with the Sistas to discuss his unlikely road to fame and how he used comedy as a way of dealing with his unconventional childhood. Davidson is known for his work on sitcoms such as In Living Color and the hit animated show The Proud Family. He has also starred in numerous films such as Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls with Jim Carrey.  

Hear the latest episode with Tommy Davidson at

Sista Speaks is located on the Digital Podcast Network, which is home to a variety of great shows that feature the top African American and Latinx stars in the entertainment industry.  Sista Speaks features four African American “sistas” keeping it real. Each week the ladies bring their unique point of view to relatable topics such as dating, family, and health.

The Digital Podcast Network is rapidly gaining popularity amongst Latinx and African American viewers. Once again, listen to this latest episode with Tommy Davidson by going to the Digital Podcast Network:

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