VPNCop Launched to Review VPN Products and Technologies

Press Release

updated: Nov 24, 2018

A group of technical experts who are very much concerned about online privacy has launched its VPN website VPNCop.com.

The group aims at educating people and creating awareness of how important the privacy of each internet user is and providing the best security from internet attacks.

In law, privacy is one’s right and that same right gives freedom over the internet too, no matter the location of the internet user.

It is also important to note that VPNCop concentrates on providing awareness and education about VPNs, mainly reviewing VPNs by testing them and reaching out to its audience. VPNCop also provides various guidelines on a variety of VPN products and technologies.

According to the group head Sandeep Kumar, “This situation can only be changed by making people aware of the importance of using a VPN. We give our best by extending our support to society. That is why we are aiming at educating people and creating awareness of how important privacy is and securing them from internet attacks. Privacy is one’s right and that right gives them freedom over the internet.

With knowledge about VPNs, one can easily unblock some websites, which in turn enables the user to connect with the world. VPNCop provides research-based information so that the knowledge will improve each user’s internet lifestyle. VPNCop believes this will remove the fear of being monitored by many companies and governments online as one always needs to protect their privacy.

For more information, contact:

Name: Carrie Gardner
Phone: 957-863-8475
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://vpncop.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaDYu-o6tJthTcXoEMj3-BA

Source: VPNCop

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