WendyWorkArt to Release New Ripple in Time Coaster Collection, a Twist on Your Average Home Decor.

Press Release

updated: Apr 24, 2018

The Ripple in Time Collection will mark WendyWorkArt’s first official 10 piece product line release.

Artist Wendy Stroik from WendyWorkArt is excited to have launched her new Ripple in Time Coaster Collection Monday, April 23. This design has been one of her most popular on social media, helping her gain a following on Instagram and Facebook. This will mark the first release of this particular design on Etsy, where they are sure to sell out.

Her work is the perfect combination of style and function. Each and every coaster is crafted with Wendy’s own two hands. No two are the same, yet they all go together perfectly. The lines on this collection ride on the border of elegant and edgy; allowing you to celebrate your individual style through the set you choose. The rich depth of the glass like coating she applies brings out the contrasting colors in each individual coaster, making them a stunning addition to any home. They are designed to flatter any room so they make a fantastic gift for a wedding, birthday, or housewarming party.

The collection will be exclusively sold on Etsy and is expected to sell out by the end of the summer season.

Contact info:
Wendy Stroik
(715) 881-0462
[email protected]

About WendyWorkArt: WendyWorkArt is a central Wisconsin-based artist, specializing in hand-painted coasters but dabbling in other useable and wearable art as well. What makes her work unique is that she always keeps her audience in mind. Wendy’s love of painting with acrylics and resin always kept growing, but she wanted her artform to be different from the everyday wall art. She wanted to make her artwork functional for everyday use in people’s lives and homes, thus, the fine art coasters were born.

Source: WendyWorkArt

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