William Little’s Fantasy Novel Magadon Receives Great Reviews!

Press Release

Feb 4, 2016

Epic Stream, the widely known movie and book reviewing website recently reviewed William Little’s fantasy novel, Magadon and they loved it.

​William Little recently released his first fantasy novel, MagadonMagadon is a mystery novel and a fantasy novel all in one.  Little has managed to capture readers from every genre with his fantastic tale. 

As the novel has continued to garner attention the popular reviewing site Epicstream.com took notice.  Epicstream.com says: “If I had to give Magadon a specific subgenre, I wouldn’t be able to, and that speaks to Little’s varied writing. There are elements of buddy-cop detective stories, true crime novels, wilderness and survival tales, and Arthurian royal fantasy, all wrapped into a very accessible tale about a man who has lost everything he loves and dares to continue living.” 

While there are fantastic leaps of logic in William Little’s Magadon, the novel is also surprisingly grounded in the way that characters think and feel and the reactions they have to fantastical and magical phenomenon. The fantasy of Magadon is subtle and encourages readers to contemplate the questions the novel presents in new, different ways.


Based on the review it seems that Wiliam Little managed to accomplish his goal of creating a unique multi-genre novel.  Little, an avid fantasy novel and avid mystery novel reader began to tire of the repetitive stories and plot lines.  This is what caused him to create the world of Magadon that he envisioned to be a completely unique story that would not be a spin off of other epic novels writers like: Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks or Dean Koontz.  Many thought that creating a novel that combined multiple worlds and genres would be difficult to effectively combine but it seems Little has done it. 

Epicstream says: “The multiple character perspectives that Little uses are never confusing, even as they meld into one another – at any given point in the novel, it is easy to determine who is thinking and speaking.”

Cheers to you Mr. Little for creating your dream and creating a piece of work that many will enjoy.  According to Little his new novel will focus heavily on the fantasy side of the story and will include a brand new, completely unique magic system never seen before.  We are excited to see what Little brings the world next.  To read the full review by Epicstream.com you can visit: http://epicstream.com/reviews/Book-Review—Magadon-by-William-Little

To purchase Magadon by William Little visit: http://www.amazon.com/Magadon-William-Little-ebook/dp/B00DP8YSYS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1454555047&sr=8-1&keywords=magadon

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