YOU CAN STILL ROCK IN AMERICA – Trump Song Strikes Chord With Supporters

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updated: Sep 26, 2016

Rock musician/songwriter Chris Holly cries out “We will not be orphans of the American Dream” in new campaign song for Republican nominee Donald J. Trump.

Rock & Roll journeyman Chris Holly has shared world stages with everyone from speed metal band OMEN to Hootie and the Blowfish, Mike Nesmith (Monkees) and even US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) just to name a few, but now Holly has released a new song dedicated to Mr. Donald J. Trump and his campaign.

With drums a blaze and guitars firing “American Dream” has captured the pulse of many voters in this election, Holly lyrically ask them to “Stand, Fight, Don’t Back Down” he also proclaims “One by land, two by sea, we’re orphans of the American Dream.”

Chris Holly will be joining Team Trump at upcoming events scheduled in North Carolina. Holly said, “On November 8th, together united we will save the American Dream, remember every vote counts, it’s your voice use it.”

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Source: Music Is Life Company

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