Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival

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updated: Jun 28, 2017

The annual film festival in Atlanta — the Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival — was once again held on May 27, 2017. This was a large scale event, at which very interesting works of different thematic orientation were presented. 

The main goal of this event is to allow everyone to show themselves and their work not only to professional judges but also to real connoisseurs of art and good films. Participants demonstrated not only interesting and unusual story lines, but also a high-quality product, which was made with the help of new information technology.

The Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival was designed not only for professional filmmakers, actors or screenwriters, but also for beginners and amateurs. This was a great opportunity to showcase yourself, look at others and tell the whole world about your talent! Festivals such as this guarantee the most vivid and unforgettable emotions.

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Source: Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival

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