Tanya Renee Gentry’s New Book ‘Pee Wee Goes to School’ is a Compelling Story of a Boy Who Experienced Bullying at School Because of Having Sickle Cell Anemia
Covell Johnson’s New Book ‘My Life of Change: Speaking the Creative Word’ is an Edifying Memoir That Tells a Heartwarming Story of the Author’s Breakthrough in Life
Jennie G.’s New Book ‘What Day You Say?’ is a Fantastic Rhyme Throughout the Different Kinds of Day This One Boy Enjoys
Plammoottil v. Cherian’s New Book ‘Our Crumbling Civilization and Collapsing Universe of 5%’ Examines the Important Relation of Science and Theology in God’s Universe
Rosanne Peter’s New Book, ‘How Many Names Do I Have?’ is a Captivating Story of a Cute Little Dog Whose Nicknames Are Inspired by His Love, Obedience, and Cheerfulness
Ronnie Kidd’s New Book ‘Stand Up…Face Up…Look Up….’ Shares an Absorbing Read Throughout the Faith, Personal Relations, and Leadership of a Mighty Man of God
Kyra Media Relaunches With New Divisions, Talent, Deals and Hires
Bud Hunton’s New Book “America at War: From Cannon Balls to Drones” is an Intriguing Read With Great Insight Into Positive Improvements of Various Technologies via War
Stephen Wyatt’s New Book ‘The Falcon and the Prince’ is a Surprising Debut Filled With Adventure
David F. Adams’s New Book ‘The Prayer’ is a Moving Spiritual Reminder About Faith in God