Joshua Tommaso’s New Book ‘The Milkman’ is an Entertaining Children’s Book About a Baby Girl’s Unexpected Hero.
William D. Reid’s New Book ‘Learn to Live 2: The Image of Greatness; Read, Study, Learn, Practice, Work Hard’ is an Inspiring Manifesto for True Success.
New Wright Brothers Book Has Aviation in Tailspin; Smithsonian Weighs In
Connecticut Hurricanes Join the System Blue Family
Robert F. Vann’s New Book, “One Step With Jesus Restoration Program; I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Laying a Biblical Foundation for Mentoring Returning Citizens:  Training Guide” is Designed to Prepare Those Mentoring Men and Women Returning From Prison
Gail L. Frailey’s New Book “The Never Before Found Chronicles of Santa” is an Exciting Collection of Santa Stories That Go Far and Beyond the Christmas Season.
Marcia Draeger’s New Children’s Book ‘Little Wormy’ is a Lovely Tale About a Small Worm’s Grand Adventures That Make an Impact in Life.
Elzie Lynn Culp’s New Book “The Adventures of Boston the Nosy Beagle” is a Gripping Tale About an Adventurous Beagle Along With His Animal and Human Friends.
Mark Stirling’s New Book ‘Low Places in the Road’ is a Purpose-Driven Narrative of Living a Life of Constant Trust, Belief, and Determination.
Author Iosefa Manu’s New Book “Fallen” is the Story of a Teenage Girl Who Begins to Receive Messages From an Unseen Entity.