Author Dr. David England’s Newly Released “A Compass for a Technology-Driven World” Is an Analysis of the Dearth of Ethical Values and the Insufficiency of Education

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Jun 10, 2016

“A Compass for a Technology-Driven World” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dr. David England is a declaration of need for developing ethical and moral reasoning in an increasingly technology-driven world.

“A Compass for a Technology-Driven World”:  an educated look at the increasing lack of honest and decent values as a direct result of social media, other technology, and a sincere lack of education. “A Compass for a Technology-Driven World” is the creation of published author, Dr. David England, Doctor of Education and motivational leader.

Dr. England implores that educational leaders consider advocating an attitude of ethical and servant leadership in students, because, “…there is a link to the future to what is taught in the present, ensuring a sustainable future requires educators and parents to see their present work in terms of what it accomplishes, or fails to accomplish.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dr. David England’s new book discusses the need for skills in an ethical and moral decision making process that has engendered renewed interest in the development of ethical and moral reasoning in the technology-driven world.  This movement has evolved into opportunities for educational leaders and other industry leaders to take the initiative to influence the lives of future generations.  The importance of the ethical and moral learning is based on the direct relationship across industries between failure and the lack of ethical and moral leadership.  Attitudes and behavior are a large part of everyday life, we must strive to overcome the evil influences we are confronted with daily.  To achieve this, an appreciation of ethical and moral attitudes must be developed through education.  

Consumers can purchase “A Compass for a Technology-Driven World” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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