Authors C.J. Askeland and B.C. Askeland’s new book ‘Into the Light: Book Two: Vengeance’ is a thrilling and gripping novel with God at its center

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Nov 7, 2022

Recent release “Into the Light: Book Two: Vengeance” from Covenant Books authors C.J. Askeland and B.C. Askeland is a captivating novel that follows Maverick as he decides to bring vengeance upon his mother’s murders. He must learn that revenge is not the right way, but can God get through to him in time?

C.J. Askeland and B.C. Askeland have completed their new book, “Into the Light: Book Two: Vengeance”: a riveting novel that follows Red, who is flustered when his sister suddenly disappears without a trace. When he finds her, will the results be what he expects? 

C.J. is from a homeschooling family in Minnesota. He wrote this book just as he was turning sixteen. He enjoys writing, playing softball, and shooting hoops. B.C. was twelve when he helped Caleb write this book. He also enjoys playing softball and shooting hoops.

The authors begin their book, writing, “Dragon and the rest of the crowd watched as Prime’s car hung up over the ravine. Prime was struggling with his seat belt, making the car shift back and forth. The magnet which was holding him up was very weak, and when Prime suddenly made a wrong move inside of the car, it fell off of the crane and sailed down the side of the ravine. Striking the bottom of the cliff, the car blew up sending pieces of the car into the air, some of them landing violently back onto the top of the ravine. Dragon watched as a man who had once been a great friend and a member of his own family blew into nothing more than a vapor. Dragon turned away from the crowd and sat down in his car. He had known Prime since they were children. Was he actually gone?”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, C.J. Askeland and B.C. Askeland’s new book follows Maverick and Red on their respective journeys. 

Readers can purchase “Into the Light: Book Two: Vengeance” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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