Car Stealers Production Team [Ex-Buzzfeed, Muse Productions] Seeks Support

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updated: Jun 27, 2017

Independent Short Comedy Film Seeks Additional Support & Pledges in Final Days of Fundraising

Car Stealers, a comedy short film with a production resume spanning from Muse Productions (Rhys Raskin) & Amazon (Gabrielle Maiden) to ex-Buzzfeed stars (Christopher Guerrero & Max Baumgarten) is extending an open invitation for pledges in their final days of their campaign, ending Friday, June 30 @ 11:59 p.m.

Car Stealers — a comedy short film about a group of ethical car stealers that steal back stolen cars — aims to capture the classic, fast-paced drama of such classic car movies as Bullitt, Fast and the Furious, and Drive while taking cues from the highly stylized work of Kubrick, The Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson. Director Christopher Guerrero envisions the juxtaposition of such totally distinct styles as ‘making for humorous-yet-exciting storytelling, as the narrative bounces between character-driven scenes and exciting heist montages.’

Currently in its final three days of funding, the Car Stealers Kickstarter has raised $16,485 of the necessary $35,000 goal to secure funding for the venture. As Car Stealers aims to cross the finish line, the project has officially opened its doors to all likes of interested parties. The fundraising window closes officially on Friday, June 30th @ 11:59 p.m.

All interested parties can be directed towards the official CarStealers website for contact, inquiries and donations, or at [email protected].

Source: Car Stealers

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