Clear Tune Monitors Announces the New Vintage Series Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors

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Jul 14, 2016

Clear Tune Monitors is proud to announce its long awaited universal fit line of in-ear monitors dubbed the Vintage Series. Being a musician driven company, with the love for vintage that it implies, it was only a matter of time before their passion and their best talent found each other on the road leading to the most exciting idea they’ve worked on. With vintage looks and modern sound, their promise is simple: The Soul of the past with the Sound of the future.

With a special lineup of dual, triple and quad driver models named VS-2, VS-3 and VS-4 respectively, the Vintage Series line is bound to please casual music listeners, working musicians and audiophiles alike, providing a soul touching experience that not only looks cool but feels cool and sounds even cooler.

In an exciting momentum of international growth, the Portable Audio Festival (POTAFESU) 2016 in Tokyo, Japan has been selected as the location for the release of this new Vintage Series line, followed by a product launch event in South Korea, all in the context of consolidating Clear Tune Monitors’ ever growing presence in Asia. 

Clear Tune Monitors is an Orlando based company focused on the precision of sound, with over five years of experience manufacturing Custom In-Ear Monitors for Grammy winning artists such as Snarky Puppy and Maná among a huge list of clients who have trusted their professional audio experience to them. Based on this success they have decided to bring the professional sound experience to all of us who love listening to music. Dare to try this experience and let your soul be touched by the truth of the sound of your new pair of Vintage Series by Clear Tune Monitors. Shipping in August 2016.

Source: Clear Tune Monitors

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