Come Watch the Game of Thrones S7 Premiere With Kristian Nairn (Aka HODOR)

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updated: Jun 28, 2017

Monday, July 17 will mark the launch of Game of Thrones Season 7. Funzing will be inviting hundreds of Londoners to join ‘Hodor’ in Camden.

Funzing UK announces a one-off opportunity to watch Episode 1 of the penultimate 7th series of Games of Thrones with Hodor, one of the show’s beloved characters for the first time ever — will take place on Monday, July 17 at Proud Galleries in Camden. Before the screening, there will be an exclusive Q+A with the actor, and the night will finish with a very special DJ set with Kristian (aka “Hodor”). 

Watch & Rave is produced by The online marketplace, referred to as the ‘Airbnb of Experiences,’ invites you once again to spice up your leisure time, and to enjoy it creatively. Being active in London, Manchester, Tel Aviv and Singapore, Funzing aims at bringing together like-minded individuals through social and unique experiences. The platform gathers for you some of the best local experiences created by any individual showcasing their special hobbies and skills as well as producing some extraordinary events! Over 1000 events are run on every month including unique workshops, quirky walking tours, authentic foodie experiences and accessible ‘tedx’ style talks referred as LDN Talks @ Night.

The platform has recently been published globally across the media, after inventing the concept of ‘Beer Yoga’ and hiring the world’s first ever full-time Pokemon Go hunter.

Tickets available to buy here:

For Press Pass tickets email [email protected] (very limited availability).

Source: Funzing UK

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