First-Ever Custom Ancestry Map Company Launches

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May 3, 2022

Family Legacy Maps creates a unique product for people looking to showcase their ancestors or modern family on beautiful wall art.

Family Legacy Maps announces the first-ever personalized, customizable ancestry maps.

“Genealogy charts have their place. Research is essential. What can get lost, however, is the actual visual story of who your ancestors were and what land they called home. Our site brings you the ability to showcase the country or territory where your ancestors are from and add unique elements from your family that evoke their story. We can also customize maps showing migration across the world,” said Aaron Carapella, co-founder of the company.

Family Legacy Maps has created pre-made templates upon which you can build your own personal map. Features that can be added are: family pictures, crests, surnames, flags, names, keys and more.

With decades of experience creating maps and other graphic design projects, we hope to help people connect to their ancestry more than ever.

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