First Ramadan-Themed Plat-Former Game Available on the App Store and Google Play

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updated: Jun 1, 2017

New Ramadan game teaches young children across the world about the concept of Ramadan with an entertaining plat-former

Ramadan apps and games are high in demand, especially during the month of Ramadan. Developers believed this is an original concept that combines entertainment and a great impression of Ramadan together. The first Ramadan Plat-former offers a unique game play experience that demonstrates the daily tasks of Muslims during Ramadan, which are restraining from food and water during the day and performing daily prayers. This simple concept will entertain many in the course of fasting this Ramadan.

Ramadan Run serves as an educational tool to young children which are not old enough to fast and those who are interested in learning about Islam. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this game if you’re neither one; Ramadan Run is the right kind of entertainment after a day of fasting for all Muslims around the world.

“iOS and Google Play don’t need another Ramadan game, but a different one.”

Arif Mohamed , Developer

Game play:

Fast from dawn to dusk. Run and jump to avoid contact with food and water during the day. When the sun sets, you are free to eat as much food possible to gain points. Each player starts the journey with dates (which is the fruit most Muslims use to break their fast). Colliding with food during the day or missing a single prayer will result in losing a date. if you run out of dates before fasting for 30 days, you will be prompted to start over.

Below are features that allow your character to observe prayer, Quran book, and donating coins to charity because Ramadan isn’t only about self-restraint.

Game Features:

Daily Prayers – You must tap the five mandatory prayers that appear on the right side of the screen. missing just one will result in you giving up a date.

Collect – book icons to recite the Quran (Muslims are encouraged to read the Quran while fasting)

Collect – Donation box icon to give coins you collect to charity in return for points. (Ramadan reminds Muslims about the unfortunate and of their struggles)

Play Ramadan Run today to see if you’re up to the challenge.

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Arif Mohamed

Source: Exponent Mobile LLC

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