First Text-Based Comic Book Store Explodes With Popularity

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Jul 7, 2016

Kaboom Chat has opened the first text-based comic store in the United States, and fans are raving. Looking to solve the average fans problems through a creative product, Kaboom Chat tackled head on the obvious problems that burden several Comic Fans. All you need is the ability to text, and a passion for Comics.

15,000 on the waiting list after only one month, Kaboom Chat has arrived.  That’s quite a long waiting list for one month. The demand is rapidly being accounted for so don’t let that interfere a free sign up. It first started with identifying the need of fans, and providing something as convenient as it can possibly be. Then adjusting for the chaotic supply. A service, which is powered by Samus Chat, Kaboom Chat is an ideal combination of vital breaking news, live chat with REAL fans to talk comics or get recommendations on his, or her interests, and finally an efficient method to make a secured shipped purchase with a text. Don’t even have to leave the couch to talk comic shop. Through some discovery questions upon sign up, the store is then populated directly based on your preferences or chats.

“Do you have the latest Uncanny InHumans release?” a new customer asks as he walks into the store. The manager responds, “I’m sorry I’ve sold out as fast as I got them in stock”. Regardless of an in store subscription, an industry standard to promote purchasing, this trend repeats itself frequently from the comic book retailer. The supply of Comic Books is monitored by Publishers (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc.) to maintain the collectible feel of the episodes. In addition, Publishers are inconsistent on vital announcements to new stories. They have historically made important announcements without any notice. This cycle can sometimes result in a common winner of these coveted collectibles. The fan that is always on top of the news. The fan that can miss out is typically the one who shares the same passion, but doesn’t get around to the information in time. The creators of Kaboom Chat know this, and want to make it an equal playing ground. A store that gives you breaking news you are interested in, and an option to purchase in an instant channel, a text message.

Comic books are collectibles, so these announcements of vital unpredictable information are not uninvited. The Kaboom Chat user is a step ahead of the information curve regardless of how demanding their daily schedule may be. A message delivered through a medium, which yields a 93% instant attention, opposed to a 12% through email. Immediate updates on information the Comic book fan truly wants. There are an extreme amount of plots any fan may keep up with, and it can get overwhelming. That’s why Kaboom Chat introduced the conversation with representatives. The conversation is why Comic book sales through the web, and big retailers historically haven’t been proportional to the comic book shop down the block. The comic book fan isn’t looking for a lonely purchase; they want to speak with a true fan that shares their passion. They want guidance on their next purchase. Guidance that comes from all directions. Kaboom Chat recognized the growing female fan-base, and made it an effort to cater to the whole community; Opposed to a historically male dominated fan-base. Now the fan is armed with true direction, and a tailored store is populated specifically for each individual fan directly through SMS. 

It’s free, but for the fan who wants more, there are discussions of higher subscription levels providing increased service. For now Kaboom Chat has more important issues to handle. Accommodating the large demand. Demand rooted from a solution to help the true busy comic book fan get what they want without bothering them.  It doesn’t take much to be a part of this store, go to  

Source: Kaboom Chat

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