Get Something Unique for Your Alternative Friends and Family Members With the Bladery Jewelry

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Oct 18, 2016

Customers are awaiting the Krampus Collection, a new Holiday jewelry collection for the “bad” kids who grew up into awesome adults.

​Designer Wilder, who sells made in America handmade jewelry and accessories through her website, “The Bladery,” is launching a new Holdiay collection.  The Bladery is a jewelry company completely inspired by bladed weaponry and history.  In this collection, there will be 10 new jewelry pieces released on Oct. 19. Each piece references fall trends while adding an alternative fashion flare.  Clean lines with a mix of Austrian folklore and classic weaponry are sure to entice all new and current customers.

The new collection will feature suede wrap bracelets and wrap necklaces for all of your holiday gift needs.  The metal focal pieces of the collection have thoughtfully been designed by Wilder to include inspiration from the Austrian holiday folklore of Krampus, the counterpart to Saint Nick who punishes bad children, as well as the classic Austrian Scythe.  These pieces will make anyone who wears them feel unique and daring for the holidays. The Krampus Collar is the perfect statement necklace in white bronze, while the Krampus Wrap Necklace is a fall and winter piece that is perfect for everyday wear.  There is something for everyone in the Krampus Collection.

This collection is all about being unique and being yourself during the holiday when you are surrounded by family and friends who embrace your individuality. Embrace your “bad” side through jewelry this holiday. Be unique.

Wilder, Owner/Designer

Some of the other items included are a stylish suede wrap bracelet, dangle earrings to style up any outfit, a bronze statement bangle to add to your arm candy collection, and a cute Krampus ring that is the perfect gift for the rebel in your life.

The Krampus Collection will be available for purchase Oct 19th, 2016 at

Source: The Bladery

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