Historical Fiction ‘Between Two Worlds’ Shines Light on Outdated Societal Norms

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May 19, 2022

One author shares her grandmother’s story of independence and self-discovery in 1950s Ethiopia.

In 1950s Ethiopia and Eritrea, societal norms pushed women into early marriage and motherhood. For many women, this was the only path to respectability. But as author Luwam Tesfaye‘s grandmother found out, it wasn’t always a happy one. In her new book Between Two Worlds, Tesfaye chronicles her grandmother’s journey to independence and self-discovery. It’s a story of love and hope, set against the backdrop of a country on the verge of change.

Annabella Lorenzo, the book’s protagonist, based on Tesfaye’s grandmother, embarks on a journey that reveals her past, introduces her to her future, and allows her to evolve into the fierce and independent woman she always knew she was meant to be.

“It’s a story that needs to be told, not just for my grandmother, but for all the women who came before her,” says Tesfaye. “Their stories deserve to be heard.”

Tesfaye’s book offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Ethiopian and Eritrean women during a time of great change. It’s a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world. 

Between Two Worlds is available now from Amazon and other major booksellers. For more information, please visit the author’s website at: https://www.luwame.com/betweentwoworlds/ 


About Between Two Worlds

Annabella Lorenzo is a free-thinking strong-minded woman. In the late 1950s in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Asmara, Eritrea, when women were expected to follow orders and their biggest dream was to become a housewife, Annabella’s dream was simple yet revolutionary – to live life on her own terms.

Source: Luwam Tesfaye

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