Hollywood Legend Basil Hoffman Wins Best Actor at the Newark International Film Festival

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Sep 22, 2016

Basil Hoffman has been awarded the Best Actor Award for the Jetlag Pictures feature film, The Pineville Heist by the inaugural Newark International Film Festival.

Hollywood acting legend Basil Hoffman was honored with a Best Actor Award by the 2016 Newark International Film Festival for his role in the Jetlag Pictures feature film, The Pineville Heist.

Hoffman, who has worked with eight Academy Award winning directors on movies such as All the President’s Men, Ordinary People and The Artist, played Principal Parker in the adrenaline rushed 80-minute indie thriller about a botched robbery.

“Working with director Lee Chambers was a joy in all respects. I’m grateful for the part and the award.”

Basil Hoffman, Actor

The debut feature from director Lee Chambers, has been described as “Die Hard for teens” by Good Reads Magazine, with the paperback version of the screenplay selling over 42,000 copies around the world.

“Working with Director Lee Chambers was a joy in all respects,” notes Hoffman. “I’m grateful for the part and the award.”

Chambers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Todd Gordon, picked up the Best Director Award at this year’s Hoboken International Film Festival, along with winning Best Dramatic Feature at the 2016 Illinois International Film Festival.

The cast also includes Carl Bailey from Django Unchained and Wayne Johnson from The Captive.

The movie was produced by Jetlag Pictures with distribution being handled by Black Wolf Media Group and Shoreline Entertainment in the USA.

Source: Jetlag Pictures

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