Huntsville Selected as Location of New Reality Show

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updated: Apr 4, 2018

Madison-Based Liberated Specialty Foods Featured for ‘Baker Babes’ Reality Show

Liberated Specialty Foods, one of America’s fastest-growing natural food brands and the self-acclaimed “Healthiest Secret in the Alabama,” recently released new video trailers promoting a combined cooking and reality showed called “The Baker Babes.” 

Liberated’s President Stacey Schlaman stated, “While we all had a lot of fun, we were ready for the (Los Angeles-based) film crew to head home so we can get back to work!”

We were ready for the film crew to head back to Los Angeles.

Stacey Schlaman, President

Liberated, which has products sold in close to 1,000 retailers nationwide, also recently announced that it was doubling its workforce, currently looking for as many as 20 new bakers.

Promotional clips are available on youtube:

Source: Liberated Specialty Foods

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