Incurator Introduces the Smart Camera Glasses with Bone Conduction Technology

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updated: Feb 23, 2017

DigiOptix just announced the launch of their Bone Conduction Camera Glasses. DigiOptix using the same state of the art technology that is used in their original Motus Model Smart Glasses, but this time they added bone conducting technology.

Bone conduction is the conduction of stereo sound to the user’s inner ear through the bones of the skull. The sound created through this process is known to be a lot clearer, and can help users who suffer from audio disabilities hear. The open ear technology creates soundwaves through vibrations that create a safer sound for users by avoiding damage that previous headphones provide. Along, with adding the bone conductive the trusted gesture controlled and smart technology that pairs with a user’s phone. With simple gestures and Bluetooth technology, you can take video, take photos, interact with phone apps, and use the bone conducting technology to listen to audio. The glasses come in 8 different styles and colors from which users can choose.

The new DigiOPTIX Bone Conductive Camera Glasses are currently only available on their Indiegogo page. DigiOPTIX has set a flexible goal of $10,000 in hopes of reaching that goal, but either way supporters will receive their glasses when they pledge. The official launch date for the smart product has yet been set.

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