Jurni – New Video Journaling Application Puts Modern Spin on Human Reflection

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updated: Jan 18, 2016

Capture moments that matter while connecting with people who are going through similar experiences.

Download Jurni on the App Store (Requires iOS 7 or later. Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad): https://appsto.re/us/oDju7.i

Jurni – New Video Journaling Application Puts Modern Spin on Human Reflection

Jurni is a new and unique journaling application where users share their experiences via video. Users collect their life experiences throughout the day or can record the full 45 seconds in one setting if they choose. Moments are patched together to form an ongoing story of the user’s life and are shared publicly or privately. Jurni users capture moments that matter while allowing greater connectivity with people who are going through similar experiences and emotions.

“Jurni is a video sharing platform that has reinvented journaling. In the past, written journals helped people self reflect and connect to the the world around them. Jurni now goes a step further providing users an easy means of chronicling visual content. Reflecting on and connecting through that content on a more meaningful level opens a new world of possibilities for personal growth and community sharing,” said Edreece Arghandiwal, co-founder of Jurni, Inc.

“Through leveraging how users feel and focused topic tagging, we have created a more intuitive and intimate content connection for users,” he continued.

Users can follow all of another user’s topics or only follow the topics that interest them most. Videos can be filtered for emotions too. Jurni allows for search all over the world via people, topics, and emotions. Jurni users can leave video comments on public posts if they choose. 

“Giving people the content they want, when they want it, is the type of time efficiency people need in a fast paced world. Not everything people do on social media is of interest to everyone else. With Jurni, people quickly access the content they want based on how they feel,” said co-founder Edreece Arghandiwal.

“Connecting people visually to one another adds a new dimension to the classic way of journaling. It allows for richer and more authentic content,” said co-founder Edreece Arghandiwal.

Jurni is a free application available for download on the App Store. For additional information, please contact [email protected].

Jurni is available for download on the App Store at https://appsto.re/us/oDju7.i

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