Karen Kadell Childers’s New Book “The Story of the Teddy Bear” is a Charming Children’s Story of Love and Protection, and How the Teddy Bear Got His Name

Press Release

updated: Mar 15, 2017

Karen Kadell Childers, an avid writer and proud grandmother, has completed her most recent book “The Story of the Teddy Bear”:  a touching and tender story of the kind and selfless being rewarded, and how love is the strongest power of all.

Karen shares that her granddaughter is a powerful inspiration for her life.  She says, “I love seeing things through the eyes of my granddaughter, Josie, watching her discovering and doing new things for the first time. It makes me feel like a kid again.”

Published by Fulton Books, Karen Kadell Childers’s book tells the tale of why the sweet and cuddly Teddy Bear is so loved by everyone. This delightful story tells how God rewards those for their acts of kindness, and how everyone is truly loved by God.

After his mother was suddenly taken from him, an orphaned bear is adopted by the animals of the forest.  Each of the animals does what he or she can to protect and provide for the little cub.  The Lord is touched by the selflessness of the animals and rewards them with the strengths and gifts that they are known for today.

Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase “The Story of the Teddy Bear” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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