KodiVPN.co Launches New Nifty Website for Kodi Fanatics

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updated: Apr 27, 2017

The stylish KodiVPN.co website hits the Internet with expert suggestions, illustrated guides, new tricks and more

KodiVPN.co pronounced the launch of their website with the same name. KodiVPN.co now offers a leading-edge navigation and appealing user interface making it easy to access all website features from one section of the website. KodiVPN.co has been upgraded with a brand-new ‘News’ section, in addition to the existing Setup Guides, Add-On Reviews, and Streaming Guides.  

KodiVPN.co has been transformed to provide users a platform they can approach for all their Kodi (XBMC) related news, setup guides, troubleshooting, installation issues, trending add-ons, unblocking suggestions and streaming solutions in one place.

KodiVPN.co began services with a beta test website established to educate users about the renowned Kodi media center. The website aimed to engage users while allowing them to cultivate their Kodi knowledge through expert guides and suggestions. The final release of Kodivpn.co gives the website a fresher, more appealing look with special consideration toward the mobile users who will love the smaller mobile version.

“… I was agitated after the official Kodi forums & social profiles refused to help me with a number of unofficial add-ons. We are thus thrilled to be able to offer a fan-made solution to help Kodi fanatics all over the world with add-ons, guides, news, troubleshooting and practically any issues we can help resolve,” claimed Harris Sid at KodiVPN.co. “As fans, we have experienced the hectic trials of learning to use Kodi on our own. We thus commit ourselves to offer as much help to other fans as possible.”

KodiVPN.co also gives users the opportunity to reach out to Kodi experts for suggestions, recommendations and help on most Kodi-related issues or queries. KodiVPN.co now offers latest guides, installation tips, hacks & tweaks, and a brilliant search tool to find everything on the main KodiVPN webpage.

The new KodiVPN.co website has been rolled out for a global audience and is powered by a mobile optimized version for better viewing on smaller screens.

Source: Kodivpn.co

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