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updated: Sep 14, 2021

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Emilia Haddad’s book Desert Roses is available on all major publishing platforms including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can place your order now by following the links below.

It is often when we empathize with the pain of others that we learn to deal with our demons. The author wanted to write her autobiography because she wanted to encourage others who have gone through similar situations and go along with the traditional advice to not talk about matters of physical and sexual abuse, particularly at such a young age. Such issues are labeled as taboo and are thought of as something one should not talk about. But injustice can only go for so long and breaking the silence is definitely a win for the victim. So the author decided to write a book, explaining the hardships she and her family had experienced from quite a young age at the hands of her loved ones. The story takes its readers on a journey where one realizes how we are not thankful enough for the much safer and secure childhood that we’ve had, and no matter how hard we think our lives are, there is always someone who is going through something worse. Her story is captivating and heartfelt. Her harrowing tale of childhood abuse and her determination of hope and survival is magnificent. Ending the cycle of abuse in her family is presented in beautiful language. The author’s tale could be of value to different audiences. The general public will be enlightened and inspired by her highly readable story. Other adult survivors, people who have gone through a certain pain, may find the courage to move forward and begin to heal in their own lives.

Critics praise the book and called it a beautiful personal journey. Therapists would find her story helpful in understanding intra-psychic, interpersonal, familial, and cultural dynamics involved in growing up in a highly dysfunctional family, which will help them apprehend what is involved for the client in healing from abuse.

Ms. Haddad’s story is one that deserves to be shared.

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Source: Luz Emilia Haddad, Author

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