Marie Kennedy Pottery Announces Launch of  “Water’s Edge Collection” Capturing the Relaxed Feeling of Vacation

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Oct 20, 2016

Pottery is one form of art that is very capable of embodying energy, emotions and atmosphere in very real and sometimes surprising ways. Marie Kennedy Pottery understand this well, specializing in delivering earthly and magical feelings through the artist’s remarkable work. The latest release the “Water’s Edge Collection” focuses on the calm of vacation brought back home to enjoy.

Many families live high energy, on-the-go lifestyles from busy work schedules all the way to their many responsibilities at home.  Vacation delivers a welcome relief, but hardly comes often enough.  The good news is Marie Kennedy Pottery is here to help.  Recently, Marie Kennedy announced the release of their latest exciting line, the “Water’s Edge Collection” – designed to artfully capture and deliver the calm and relaxed feeling of vacation all year long.  Customers have responded with enthusiasm to the news.

“Vacation never ends,” commented Kennedy about her new line. “Toes in the sand, sun warming the skin, the gentle lapping of the water… life is just about perfect at the beach. Now with my ‘Water’s Edge Collection’ that feeling can be brought home with this line of beautiful, summery pieces. From the flowing shapes to the softly calming colors, these pieces are sure to evoke thoughts of the long, carefree days and warm nights that we all love.”

I’m thankful to be able to help make your home a special place where families enjoy sitting around the table with friends to talk, laugh and appreciate one another.

Marie Kennedy, Potter

According to Kennedy, the new line consists of pieces made from white stoneware clay and they are finished with Marie Kennedy Pottery’s own non-toxic blue crackle and white glazes.  In addition to being completely calming and attractive, they are 100% food safe, making them a perfect addition to nearly any family’s kitchen choices.  As always, Marie Kennedy Pottery goes above and beyond to exceed even the highest expectations.

Early feedback from customers has been very positive.

Mark C. recently said in a five star review, “Truly beautiful work of art and I am thrilled! Even more beautiful than expected. Thank you!”

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Source: Marie Kennedy Pottery

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