Mind Over Matter: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

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updated: Dec 14, 2016

New book on gaining Mastery over our Feelings

​Dr. Ann Polya demonstrates how improving our Emotional Intelligence not only improves our thinking abilities by better memory decision making, but also boosts our ability to know what we want and how to get it.

We are made up of our emotions and feelings. They are vital as they are the key to knowing ourselves and others and therefore core to improving communication and relationships.

Ensure a healthy self in both body and mind

Doug Ramsey, Author

We all face challenges in our lives and by getting to know our inner strengths, and using our focus, concentration we can expand our emotional abilities, break old habits and replace them with better ones.

Indeed, with greater Emotional Intelligence we can conquer fear, be more optimistic and improve our performance: – whether in sports, public speaking, or writing. We gain mastery over our feelings, thoughts and actions.

About the Author

Ann J. Polya, Ph.D. has a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences, and is a former psychotherapist, corporate executive and governmental spokesperson.  She lives in Florida. Her website: http://annpolya.com. Trailer: http://youtu.be/VrqO41C2_50.

About Mind Over Matter:- by Ann J. Polya, Ph.D.

[ISBN: Paperback – 978-1-4771-2427-7; Hardcover- 978-1-4771-2428-4; Kindle: 978-1-4771-2429-1]

Source: Dr. Ann J. Polya

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