Mother Valoren Enters Third Phase of Audacy’s Annual ‘We Can Survive’ Opening Act Contest on Friday, July 29th 2022

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Aug 2, 2022

Mother Valoren is Another Step Closer to Performing Live at the Iconic Hollywood Bowl this Fall Becoming an Additional Voice for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and Save the Children Global Movement

Meet Mother Valoren. A Georgian/Texan first at heart, Songwriter, Author, TikTok Creator, YouTuber, Artist Advisor, Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Save The Children Global Movement, Israeli Krav Maga Enthusiast, Mamma Bear, and Bookkeeper whose votes haven’t skipped a beat during Audacy’s Opening Act Contest to perform live at their “We Can Survive” biggest annual concert in America. 

“It is hard to condense the interesting situations myself and singer, Mi$$ RocKeTT, have experienced recently in attempts to obtain more public votes,” said Mother Valoren. “We are super grateful for each one of you. We wouldn’t have made it this far without the love and continuous daily voting from everyone. This is all going on as I wrap up writing two books, “The Young Millionaire,” and “Dreams Don’t Stay on Pillows,” sharing lessons on faith, business, wealth, impact, and overcoming hardship.”

Mother Valoren reached out to Mr. Maxx Chewning, Owner of Sour Strips, in hopes to create sour strips in the shape of little feet to give out at this event inspired by her new single, “Sugar Feet” (Featuring Mi$$ RocKeTT). “I reached out to Maxx and I am hoping we can pull this off, but I am unsure of the mechanics of it all. I envisioned Mi$$ RocKeTT hiding inside a silver sparkly rocket piñata descending to the arena blessing the audience with Mr. Chewning’s sour strip candy,” said Mother Valoren. 

This contest continues Mother Valoren’s commitment to protecting children from abuse and improving mental health conditions through community communications that have occurred from collecting votes. These communications have raised funds while furthering awareness for (AFSP) and The Save the Children Global Movement coupled with the books earlier announced hitting markets this fall.

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