Musicollabo, Real Time Music Collaboration Website, Goes Live!

Press Release

Aug 8, 2016

Musicollabo is a state of the art real time browser based music collaboration system and is ready to offer music creation to EVERYONE!

​Musicollabo is proud to release our three genre based real time music collaboration websites. They are: focusing on rap music. focusing on electronic dance music. focusing on country music.

These sites bring music creation to the masses giving users fully integrated features never seen before in a browser only based system. Users are given an amazing suite of music and video making tools that provides them with:

  • An on-line mixing board.
  • Real time audio and video chat feature to see, hear and collaborate.
  • “Artificial Intelligence” based lyric writing tools (The Lyric Genie).
  • Direct input of guitar, synthesizer, microphone and drum kit. 
  • Single button combining of video to audio.
  • Multi faceted electronic instrument tool.
  • One button social media and YouTube publishing.
  • Sound rich loops and sound bite library.

Everything you could possible need to build music while at the same time collaborating with friends around the block or around the world!

About Musicollabo

We are a leading edge music collaboration firm created out of our love for music and our passion for technology.

Press Contact

John Ciko
[email protected]

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